Audio recordings on One Pause Poetry, including “Delilah’s Song” from Instructions for Preparing Your Skin, “Ode to Wine” by Pablo Neruda, and “Daybreak” by Galway Kinnell

WBEZ 91.5 broadcast of the poetry reading “It’s About Time” at Woman Made Gallery, with fellow lady poets Angela Torres, Lynn Pattison, Erika Mikkalo, Keli Stewart, Stefania Gomez, JoAnn Balingit, and Nina Corwin

Creative reviews of Samantha Giles’s Total Recall and Megan Levad’s Why We Live in the Dark Ages on The Bind, a review site devoted to books by women and nonbinary authors

Pushcart-nominated “A History of Remembering” published in Treehouse Magazine, March 2012

Other Selected Publications

“I Ask the Night…” “Tell Me,” “Rothko’s Canvas,” and “Interview,” Fifth Wednesday Journal, Issue 22, Spring 2018

“Leaving the Garden,” Confrontation Magazine, Issue 118, Fall 2015

“The Pond,” The Literary Bohemian, Issue 22, April 2015

“The Man Who Called Me an Ocean,” “The Old Days,” Chattahoochee Review, Fall/Winter 2014

“In the Garden of the Gods,” “9 to 5,” The Boiler Journal, Fall 2014, available online

“In the Bone House,” Cider Press Review, Vol. 17, Issue 1, January 2015, available online

“Asking Night about Autumn (ii),” “Nightfall,” Fox Chase Review, Summer 2014

“Smaller,” Belleville Park Pages, Page 19, Late April 2014

“Dust” and “I Ask Night to Tell Me the History of Kissing,” Rock & Sling, Issue 9.1, Spring 2014

“The Night of Forgetting,” HOOT Review, Issue 28, February 2014, available online

“Nightly Confession,” Water~Stone Review, Volume 16, 2013

“The Disappearing House” and “Recurrence,” Painted Bride QuarterlyIssue 88, 2013, available online

“The Night We Came to the Forest,” Poet Lore, Volume 108 3/4, Fall 2013

“Like a Saturday Morning Visit,” Southeast Review, Volume 31.2, Fall 2013

“Leaving” and “Asking Night about Autumn,” burntdistrict, Volume 2, Issue 2, Summer 2013

“Losing Limbs” and “Between the Church and River,” Cimarron Review, Spring 2013, available online

“Presentiment,” Treehouse, December 2012, available online

“Stargazing,” The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, September 2012, available online

“Each Time the Nightmare Comes Differently, The Mom Egg, Spring 2012

“Dear Other Woman” and “You Say You’re Looking Forward to Death,” Main Street Rag, Fall 2011

“The Night of Birds,” Rock & Sling, Summer 2011

“Small Monuments to Fear,” The Café Review,Winter 2010

“The Orange” and “Over Breakfast,” 2River ViewFall 2009, available online

“Instructions for Preparing Your Skin,” Xenith, July 2009

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